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Welcome to Arcadia Episcopal Preschool.

School Mission and Philosophy:

The mission of our school is to provide high-quality child care for working parents in the community. Since 1993, Arcadia Episcopal Preschool has placed an emphasis on developing each child’s individual abilities. We provide a caring, challenging curriculum designed to meet the child’s cognitive, social-emotional, physical and spiritual needs in preparation for daily life and kindergarten.

The philosophy of the school is based on Erik Erickson’s stages of social-emotional development, Jean Piaget’s theories of how children think and learn, and sound principles of physical development. We believe that children learn through play to become enthusiastic and engaged learners.

Our preschool serves as an extension of the family’s child-rearing activity through the care and education of children. Fulfillment of this role requires meeting criteria far beyond the minimum mandated standards through state licensing requirements for health and safety.

We Are Licensed by the State of California, # 191-500590

Openings in the preschool:

 1 five half day 7-12:30 Includes lunch , in the three year old class, 1:10 teacher child ratio

 One / 2 full day (Tuesday&Thursday) in the three year old class

 1 five half day 7-12:30 Includes lunch , in the three year old class, 1:6 teacher child ratio

One / 2 full day (Tuesday&Thursday) in the three year old class

Two five half days in the 2.5 to3.5 year old room

One two day in the 2.5 to 3.5 year old room

One three day in the 2.5 to 3.5 year old room



October 2013

Director Dear Parents,    On Back-to-School Night we shared our goals for your children for this upcoming school year. We hope that you found the evening informative. During the course of the school year, we will host a variety of events.    On October 31, we will have our annual harvest party and parade. Each class will have a party and then we will
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April Newsletter 2013

  From the Director Last month was full of surprises! One day a former student, now in enrolled in Arcadia High School, called and asked me for a project to work on to earn his Eagle Scout status. I was thinking about getting the garden ready for the children to plant, so I told him he and his troop could work on that project.
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March Newsletter

  From The Director Dear Parents, This month we begin re-enrollment for the next trimester. It helps me plan the correct number of openings the school will have during the summer and in September. Please review your bill for March and let me know if you have any questions. Families that will have children in the pre-kindergarten class need to choose between a five
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