September Newsletter 2012

From The Director

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the beginning of our new school year! We have planned our, “Back to Night School Night” for Monday, September 17 from 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. This night is the only night we ask you not to bring your children if possible. We will discuss classroom goals, schedules, fundraising, and routines with the parents. I understand some parents do not alternative care for their children; if that is the case, I do have a suggestion. My husband and I would have one parent stay home with the children while the other parent attended the meeting. After the meeting, we shared information about the meeting with the other parent.

Some of our new families may not know what to expect for the school year. Therefore, I thought I would give a quick reference to things that you can expect to find at our preschool. The parent mailboxes are located underneath the parent board on the right side of the hall across from the office. In the mailboxes, identified with your child’s name, you can expect to find your monthly bill, newsletters, correspondence from the director, office manager, or teacher, and fundraising materials. If your child gets hurt at school and requires first aide, you will find an ouch report on top of your child’s class sign in sheet. Please read it, sign it, leave it there and I will give you a copy once you have signed the report. Class Party sign-ups are also posted on top of the sign in sheet if you would like to contribute. Parents may check out books from the hallway. The check out sheet is hanging on the wall above the books. Please return books within a two-week period. Also placed on the table in the hallway is Chapel Art to encourage remembrance of the story.

Each Classroom has different schedules posted on their parent board in their classroom. The Dragonfly and Butterfly classes share lunchtime, while Seahorses and Dolphins have separate lunch times. At 9:00 AM snack is served; in some classes a few minutes later. We have changed the time this year to encourage the children to eat more lunch. The preschool does not provide breakfast, but you are welcome to bring breakfast for your child. The cut off time for breakfast is 8:30 AM. We want to allow the children to develop a healthy appetite by allowing time to exercise and play before eating. Appropriate spacing of meal and snack times is important to the growth of every child. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Another important policy to remember is that all children need to be at school by 9:15 AM.  Exceptions are limited to medical reasons and must be approved by the director. Children arriving after 9:15AM may be turned away. The official start for our school schedule is September 10.  At that time, most of our new children will have started in the school and we are ready to begin thematic teaching for the school year. As we teach with our themes, we are also imparting valuable skills we want your children to learn. The objectives depend on the age and development of the child. During our Back to School Night, we will discuss how we plan to implement these skills and knowledge.

We hope and pray to have a healthy and happy year! Ms. Rita will be back next week!!

In God’s Service,

Ms. Marie

From The Butterflies

Butterfly Parents,

For the month of August, we worked a lot on potty training. I cannot believe how fast three of the Butterflies potty trained.  Next month, two of them will move up to the Dragonfly class. I am so proud of them. All the children seemed to love puppy day. Some of the puppies were running around and a lot of the children had puppies in their laps. They did such a great job at being gentle with the puppies.

The new favorite songs seem to be, “Wheels on the bus” and “Itsy bitsy spider”. A story they seem to like is “Good Night Moon”. I read this story at least once a week, usually before naptime. We also have been doing a lot of movement such as dancing with shakers and playing games like “If you’re happy and you know it” and “Simon Says”. Not only are these a good way to filter some of their extra energy in a more positive way, but this is also a great opportunity to help the children with listening skills. We will continue to do a lot of movement in September.

For the month of September, we will be working on using language to express ourselves instead of aggressive actions, building language, potty training and patience.  We will continue to work on these skills for the year. One thing I will use to help them develop language is the use of noun cards. Noun cards are cards that name objects, places and things. I will also help them express through language, by teaching them phrases that they can repeat instead of hitting, such as “I want my space” and “I’m using that toy”. An example on how to build patience at home with your child is to teach them how to pass things. You can use different kinds of objects, some things I am using is sensory balls and cars. You begin with handing your child the object and saying “(your child’s name) turn” then say “my turn” and have your child hand it back to you in your hand. It will also help them with listening skills and turn taking.
Happy School Year!
-Ms. Alison

From The Dragonflies

Dear Dragonfly Parents,

Summer fun has come to an end! We had a blast playing in the sprinklers, hunting for treasure and petting cute puppies and animals in August.  The children also had fun celebrating their last day of summer program with a party. Thank you to all parents for bringing in the food.

Welcome to a new school year!  We would like to welcome all of our new dragonflies into the class. During their transition of starting school, they may cry. It is typical for this age group as they need some time to adjust. Once they feel more secure and comfortable, they will separate from parents easily.

In September, I will spend some time playing with and getting to know all of our dragonflies. We will discuss their favorite colors, foods, and toys. They will learn how to recognize the other children’s names by singing “Who came to school today?” The children will play in the learning centers, sing several songs, and listen to stories to help increase their vocabulary.

The themes in September are “All about me” and Autumn. Please see our daily lesson plan for more details about children’s activities. This year we have made some changes in our daily schedule. Please refer to the “Parent Board” in the Dragonfly classroom.

I would like to invite all parents to come to Back-to-school Night on September 17 at 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. It will be an informative night about what my yearly goals are for the children. It will also help you get to know other parents as well. I look forward to seeing you there!


Ms. Frannie

From The Seahorses

Dear Seahorse Parents,

The Summer has gone by so quickly! August was packed with fun activities. The children ran through the sprinklers, flew gliders and petted adorable puppies. Our class also brought the I SPY books to life by making telescopes and playing “I SPY” in and around the classroom.  Some of the best fun we had was by simply moving some chairs into a car or bus formation so we could go to China! You and your children can create your own travel fun with this activity at home, scoot a few chairs and put them in the driver seat. Think of the money you’ll save on airfare!

September is here and we are starting with a whirlwind move. As of August 27th , the Seahorse Class has moved to Room 2.  Ms. Debbie has joined us and we are looking forward to an exciting new year! This month brings back our lesson plans structured around monthly themes.  The children explore science, create art and move to music through themes like September’s All About Me.  We will discuss feelings, family and friends with the help of stories like The Way I Feel, by Jaian Cain, and I Like Myself, by Karen Beaumont, and the always popular “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”

Your children get great joy from sharing about their family and friends.  If you would like to volunteer to read a story or join us in an art project, we would love to have you!  There will be a “Share your family day” once a week this month. You could join us at circle time with a book, a story about where your family is from, or music of your culture. We will create a display of “Who’s Who”, so please send in a family photo. Thank you and welcome.

Soaring into September,

Ms. Beth and Ms. Debbie

From the Dolphins

Dear Dolphin Parents,

Summer has past.

School starts at last.

I hope everyone had a fun summer. It always seems to go by so quickly.

Welcome to a new school year. This month we will get to know our class schedule, routines, centers and classroom rules. We start the month with following simple directions such as walking inside the classroom, keeping our hands to ourselves and lining up to go outside. We will have shorter circle times in the beginning to let the children adjust. The children  will learn about weekly classroom jobs such as: line leader, table  cleaner and fish feeder. The children love having a job to do each week and it teaches them responsibility. We will discuss our reward system with the children. If a child is caught being helpful or kind, they receive a toodle. A toodle is a paper clip in a cup labeled with their name. When a child receives ten toodles they take a trip to pick an item from the treasure box.

Some activities this month will be playing games such as; ABC bingo to help with letter recognition, using alphabet tracing boards for fine motor control and beanbag number toss for number recognition.

At the end of the month, we will focus on a letter of the week homework assignment using the “Weekly Reader”. I will give you more information about these things at our back to school night. I am looking forward to a fun year.


Ms. Kim

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