I highly recommend Arcadia Episcopal Preschool (AEP). My 10 year old son attended AEP and when my daughter was ready for pre-school we did not hesitate to enroll her in AEP. They have a great foundation that they have been practicing for many years. What I like most about AEP is their focus on social-emotional development of the children and the age-appropriate curriculum. They focus on social goals such as following rules, routines, and manners. Kids learn to express themselves verbally, resolve conflict, turn-taking, sharing, and other important social skills and all in a very positive environment. Ms. Marie, the Director of AEP, loves her job. She runs the school and also helps the teachers with the kids on all levels throughout the day. The teachers are so loving and patient and they all know the name of every child in the school.

The school is clean and provides everything kids need to keep them physically active and interested in learning.  Even though it’s a small school, it offers two big playgrounds with outdoor painting, climbing structures and even a bike path to ride the many tricycles the school has for the kids. Hot and healthy lunches are included in the tuition and the year-round program is great for working parents.

My daughter 4 1/2, is showing a lot of interest in her numbers and letters. She likes to write her name and the names of her friends in class. My son 10, was well-prepared for kindergarten and has been in the top of his class every year. My daughter will be starting T-K shortly and I am sure she will have a smooth transition due to the social skills she has learned at AEP.

I would highly recommend AEP to any parent who wants their child to thrive in a loving, positive, and stimulating school like AEP.


-Alie A.

I love this preschool.  Before I moved to the area, I visited many schools and AEP was the last one I saw.  While many of the other schools tried to sell their programs with theory, academic preparation, or brand new facility, they still could not hide the business model behind the words.  AEP was the last school I visited (in a 2-3 month period) and as soon as I stepped in the school, I knew it was the place I wanted my children to be.  The school is clean and one of the first things that impressed me is that even though it’s a small and intimate school, it offers two big playgrounds, one with a bike path.  One priority I have is that my children would spend enough time outdoors.

I decided to enroll my children in AEP right after my visit.  Now, it’s been almost a year that my daughter has been there, and I just couldn’t be happier.  My daughter is happy to go to school to a group of veteran teachers who run the school with their hearts.  The teachers are so loving and patient, and they all know the name of every child in the school.  Even though my daughter is in the 2-3 y.o. (Starfish) class, she has plenty of time to interact with bigger and smaller kids when they are in the playground.  In addition to this,children spend a lot of time learning by singing and doing art projects, which I think is so essential at this age. Specifically in my daughter’s class,  Ms. Frannie is wonderful at teaching children to express verbally and develop appropriate social skills.  My daughter has become so much more independent as a result of this.  Sometimes children can be picky eaters, but Ms. Frannie will always encourage them to try new food.   My daughter loves Ms. Frannie, and as a parent, I truly appreciate what she and all the other teachers do.

My son will turn 2 soon and I know I’ll be sending him there too.  AEP’s Turtle class for the youngest ones allows children who haven’t been potty trained yet.  The director Ms. Marie has a lot of charisma and is always trying to think of new programs for the school.  She also cares about providing healthy foods for the children.  On special occasions, the school organizes special events such as Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me Night/Thanksgiving/Christmas activities, which parents are always invited to attend.

Finally, they also have a garden which parents and children can help plant and take care.  My daughter and I planted kale, and we often water it together when we are at school.

What else could a parents ask for? :)

My daughter has learned so much in the past year.  I would highly recommend any parent who wants their child to thrive in a loving, positive, and stimulating school to check out AEP. I know you will not be disappointed!!!!


-Cecilia C.

AEP has wonderful, *loving* teachers whom you can trust to care for and teach your children.  I have had two children attend AEP all the way from 2 yrs old to the summer before kindergarten.  My third child is currently attending AEP in the Butterfly class (2-2.5 yr olds).  Because of the small size of the school (less than 50 students total), it has a nice, small, close-knit community feeling.  Every teacher knows every child and parent by name.  In the Dolphin class (pre-kindergarten, 4-5 yr olds), they work on pre-reading skills (alphabet), writing (only if the particular child shows interest), counting skills, days of the week, months of the year, basic science and art, etc.  During the regular school year, each week is dedicated to a particular letter — so the kids learn the alphabet, but it’s integrated into the theme for the entire week.  During the summer, every day has a special theme and the children participate in the theme school-wide (from all of the different age groups), with special days like a visit from the reptile/bug lady, puppy petting day, bouncer day, petting zoo day, and more.  But the most important thing that both of my older children took away from AEP was good socialization and a basic sense of right-and-wrong (golden rule style).  Both were well-prepared for kindergarten, receiving behavior and effort awards from their kindergarten teachers.  This is in large part because the teachers at AEP don’t stress learning particular facts or academic material, but instead foster an innate love of learning in the children and teach the children the skills and behavior that will permit them to continue to learn in other environments well beyond the preschool.


-Jennifer V.

My son had a wonderful experience at AEP. If you are looking for a safe, loving and nurturing environment, this is definitely the optimal place for your child. All the teachers and staff are very caring and patient.  Thanks to the school, my son learned how to verbalize his needs and interact positively with his peers.


-Rose M.

Highly recommend!  Both my children started when they were 2 yrs old.   All teachers and staffs are passionate of what they do, they love children.  They look after all students well.

Things that I really like the most is this facility is clean.  Such as kids bathroom, class room, toys (I saw teacher takes out toys to clean/sanitize regularly).  They keep the nap blanket and pillow in each individual zip lock bag each time kids are done using it.  (I saw some other school just left in the cubby, some are just felt on the floor and  no one pick it up. I saw that at the serendipity preschool).

Teachers always take student to potty, never leave any of them alone.  They would alway help kids eat lunch (hot lunch provided), encourage them to try new food.  My kids love all the event that school have, the christmas even is my favorite one.

Love this school and all staff at AEP.


-Pat T.

My daughter has been at AEP for almost a year. This has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. She has learned so many things. The teachers really focus on having the children learn how to express themselves, resolve conflict as well as socialization. The teachers and staff are all very caring, nurturing and loving. I’m so glad I found AEP. My only regret is that I didn’t know about AEP for my older children.


-Michelle Eskridge

This is an excellent school. Both of my kids attended AEP for 3+ years. Kids need to be kids, and I selected this school because they teach age-appropriate materials. I really object (mostly Asian) parents trying to start acdamic studies at such young age. It’s very important for kids to learn socio-emotional skills, verbal AND nonverbal, at early childhood. This is the time when a child’s self-recognition and self-esteem is built up through play and peer interaction, and the teachers here are excellent in guilding and allowing the kids to form a healthy self-image and understanding of how the world around them work through loving, caring, and professional guidance. The staff are very professional, and they also undergo continue education training every year.



All staff at AEP are loving and caring! You won’t feel that they are treating preschool as a “business” but rather they really care for the well-being of each kid. AEP helped my child to get potty-trained in less than 1 week. And she learned good manners from school. The summer program is extremely fun! They offer different theme each day (e.g. pet the zoo, PJ, costume etc) for consecutive 3 months! Although Asian parents may find this school not stressing enough on academics, I still think this is a great school to start with.



School is open from 7am (though most arrive later) till 6pm. Friendly staff, great experience for my boy, been there two years, he likes it.
Liked: Atmosphere, Great school, plenty of structure, and help with potty training :-)



The school is great. Teachers are very loving and caring. They work with you and are always available to answer any of my questions or concerns. I got great tips about parenting issues from teachers and school director.

I am a working mother and I have no problem dropping him off every morning. Every time I picked him up from AEP, he has a big smile on his face showing me how happy he was at school. All the kids love the place and they never want to leave!!

The school focus on interactions, sharings, building up self esteem, and care for others. Although they didn’t stress on academics, my son was very equiped for kindergarten, both emotionally and academically.

Great preschool for children to learn in a loving environment.



Annlee3 - Yellow Pages

We have a four-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son who have been at Arcadia Episcopal Preschool (AEP) since they were two years old. As full-time working parents, both my husband and I are very grateful to have found AEP! We feel safe leaving our children when we drop them off in the morning and glad to see them happy when we pick them up after work. We love everything about the school, including the environment, their teaching philosophy, the teachers, administrators, and ancillary staff members.
The program director, Marie Ostrowski, is very knowledgeable and up-to-date about child development theories. She carefully selects teachers and staff members to fit into the school culture, which emphasizes positivity and the development of self-confidence, independence, and social and emotional well-being. Marie is also very involved with the children and communicates well with parents through monthly newsletters, notes, phone calls, and letters.
The turnover rate for teachers is extremely low for AEP, which speaks to how much the teachers enjoy their job. Both of our children have had the same teachers (Ms. Frannie and Ms. Beth) and our daughter will be in Ms. Kim’s class when our son leaves for kindergarten in August. They both love their teachers and often calls me (their mom) by their current teacher’s name at home by mistake. Some parents may feel hurt when their kids accidently address them using their teacher’s names. To me, it is a testament to how safe, comfortable, and happy my children feel around their teachers. All the teachers at AEP are very positive and patient with the students and they can manage and lead the students well.
We really like AEP’s emergent curriculum, which includes a lot of play, arts and craft activities, and reading. Our kids really enjoy the outdoor play areas, where they get to climb, slide, ride the tricycles, blow bubbles, paint, and play with sand. Teachers take great care to ensure that sunscreen is applied to each child daily before they play outside.
As parents, we want our kids to have fun and be safe when we leave them for work. We are thankful to have our children at AEP with loving, compassionate, and capable teachers, administrators, and ancillary staff members. We have total trust in their care of our children while we are at work and feel confident that our kids are learning important skills to build a foundation for their academic learning and self-confidence in the future.



My little one began attending when she was 2. Prior to deciding on AEP, I toured at least 8 schools at Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, San Dimas, Walnut, Pasadena and South Pasadena. Yes I am obsessive. My kid initially was going to a different school, she was asked to leave within a week because she was a persistent cryer. SHOCKER….Not here to judge any other school but This school has a warm and gentle approach to easing nervous and afraid toddlers and phase them in slowly and almost discreetly. I’m really grateful for all the staff in this school.
Other than that, a lot of parents often pass on this school quickly without taking a hard hard look at the people. I’m a firm believer that teacher and peers influence students way more than the how large the yard is, how high tech the equipments are, and how new books are. The accessories are great but still have to carried out committed teachers directed by strong leader. Ms. Marie runs a tight ship, small but agile and focused.

Several schools I toured, I’ve noticed when the children are playing, the teachers would be on their phone and chatting with other teachers. I have even caught staff sharing donut with peanuts when school promised it’s nut free zone. NOT GOOD!!

This school is compact but more than sufficient for any toddlers. Ms. Marie is wise and effective in finding and placing the teachers with the most fitting personality and philosophy based on the age of the child. One shouldn’t overlook soul of his school: its PEOPLE.

I notice there are some negative reviews on the school, it puzzles me why would one leave such ungrounded defamation. People forget that this school is a NON PROFIT. If the folks really want to make $$$, this is not the best profession. Those SAT and art Prep school is way more profitable. That’s why there are 100s of them cluster in Arcadia and Diamond Bar targeting certain demographics.

If one was to critically do the math, the tuition barely covers for a teaching salary and all the operating costs. And about Verizon Tower, I take a very opposite stance. At this age, we all benefit from the cell tower, such NIMBY attitude is selfish. There’s absolutely no credible scientific prove. Do those opposers wonder the church would permit it and harm its own congregation? Fear comes from not knowing. Think again on the intent of these writers.


– Wesley J, Yelp

I’ve visited a few preschools in the area before making the decision of sending my 2 and half year old son to AEP. He will be in Kindergarten this August. For the past 3 years, he’s been enjoying to go to school everyday. Highly recommend. I believe they start taking children at age 2.

Without fancy facilities and relatively a small school, the teachers/staffs here are the most loving, caring and patient people I’ve met. AEP provides an initmate and family atmosphere so the children can feel very comfortable and secure.

The teacher/student ratio here is excellent . This is not so called a academic focused school. But my son has learned everything including physical skills, social-emotional skills, cognitive skills and etc. He’s also built strong confidence and positive attitude from all the creative teachings and group activities at AEP.

Each class has a cute classroom, there is a shady patio so they can paint and play there. There are two outdoor playgrounds, plenty of spaces for them to explore outdoor activities and interact with other ages of kids.

I also love the location/neighborhood of the school. No major road or traffic when dropping off and picking up your kid(s). Instead there is a nice big tree, grassy areas for picnicking with ample parking spaces.

This is my son’s last month at AEP. I know both him and I will be missing the school and all the great teachers here a lot! Thank you AEP for everything!


– Sonia Y, Yelp

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