May Newsletter 2012

Dear Parents,

This month is a bittersweet time at our school. Most of the Dolphin students will leave and venture on to their new beginnings in kindergarten in the next few months. As I reflect on all the things that they have learned: being able to separate from their parents, using their words to express feelings to each other, listening, and taking turns, it warms my heart. I hope that as the children move into kindergarten they will stay in touch with us.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve your families. We will miss all the parents and children.

Teacher appreciation week is May 7-11. We will have an opportunity to express our gratitude to the teachers for their patience, caring, and dedication to the children. I usually plan something special for them and pass on my ideas to the parents. You may participate any day of the week or all of them, if you like.  If you have any ideas on something nice to do for the teachers, please let me know. More details will follow as we approach the date.

The Pre-kindergarten Graduation is on Thursday, May 31 from 7 pm until 8 pm. The ceremony will take place in chapel. Please have your child dressed in their blue gown when you bring them to their classroom at 6:55and then proceed to the chapel. After graduation ceremony, refreshments are provided in the courtyard. Please feel free to invite grandparents and family. We ask that parents wait to take pictures until the end of the program. Thank you.

Mommy and Me night is on May 11 from 7 pm-8 pm. The teachers will plan an art activity, sing songs, and read a book. We will serve strawberry shortcake for snack. The program is designed to honor all female caregivers, but fathers may attend if they wish.

Parent teacher conferences will begin on May 2 until May 18. Please sign up for a day that is convenient for you. In case there are not any spots available that work for you, please see me to reschedule.

Summer Program calendars will be passed out the first week of June. You will notice an additional cost for the summer program. If you have any questions, please ask me.

Thank you to all the parents who helped with the rummage sale. We also had some church members whom attended and helped the day of the sale, thanks!

Have a good month and Happy Mother’s Day!

Ms. Marie

From The Assistant Director

Hello Everyone!

We had a busy month of April. We had picture day, a rummage sale, and preparations for the pre-k graduation.  To celebrate Earth Day each classroom got a jar of caterpillars.  The children watched the caterpillars grow and cocoon themselves.  Then they were put into a net and they emerged as butterflies!  The children were so excited.  They really enjoy nature.  We are teaching the children how to observe the insects and lizards we see on the playground.  We tell them we may watch them, not chase them or try to hurt them.  We call them “God’s Creatures.”  We hope to see you all at Mommy and Me Night.  It is a fun hour from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mommies!

Ms. Rita

From The Butterflies

In the month of April we celebrated Easter and learned about bugs and plants. Our class has a new addition, Shelly the snail. The children cannot get enough of watching Shelly, who lives in the fish tank with our classroom fish, Nemo. Our caterpillars are also doing great and some have turned into butterflies. When they are all ready, will release them into the garden. We have planted some poppies indoors, and are hoping to see some sprouts soon.

On May 8, the whole school will partake in planting our school garden.  If you would like to join us, please let me know.

In the month of May, we will be celebrating Mothers Day and will be having a “Mommy and Me” night on Friday May 11 at 7 pm. I am looking forward to eating a wonderful snack with you and your child. I hope you can attend.

The themes for this month are nursery rhymes and transportation.  We will learn about different kinds of transportation and their uses. In addition, nursery rhymes are a good tool to help with language skills. One of my favorite rhymes to use with the children is “Hey Diddle Diddle”, because the children love it. I am really enjoying working with the children and having a lot of fun exploring new things.Everyday they amaze me with all the new language they are learning.

Ms. Alison

From The Dragonflies

The children were so excited when we got our classroom caterpillars. Each day we watched them in their little jars, slowly crawling their way to the top, then attaching themselves to the lid and turning into chrysalises.  Some of them have already come our of their cocoons as butterflies!

We planted Mung beans in plastic cups in our classroom. They started sprouting very quickly.  The children really enjoy planting and learning about nature.  We sang a song called “The farmer plants his seeds” as we learned about different kinds of seeds.  We will be planting in the garden on May 8.

The children have been working on developing gross motor skills by throwing and catching balls.  At first, some of the children were afraid to catch the ball.  After a few tries, they did pretty well.  Please practice throwing and catching with your child at home or at the park.  It helps their physical skills as well as their eye-hand coordination

In May we will learn about Mother’s Day, Nursery Rhymes, and Transportation.  We will discuss what transportation goes in the air, on land, and on sea.  We will learn different rhymes that help develop listening and language skills, both of which are early literacy skills.  Please bring in sunscreen for your child if you haven’t already.  We keep it in the classroom closet and apply it when needed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Ms. Frannie

From The Seahorses

Another sunny, windy, and rainy April has passed us by.  The children have enjoyed the many things we have done.  We studied insects, weather, and different flowers.  We learned about recycling and different ways we can help our earth.  We had a wonderful Easter party and egg hunt.  Thank you parents for all of your generous contributions.

We learned about several artists such as Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh through watercolor painting, mosaic crafting and sunflower prints. As we sail into May, our class will begin learning about movement through the art of Degas, the song “Wheels on the Bus” and different kinds of transportation games.  The monthly themes will be Mother’s Day and Nursery Rhymes.  We will also be planting in the preschool garden.

We hope all of our mommies can make it to Mommy and Me Night.  It will be fun.  Please bring in sunscreen for your child and make sure there are both long sleeved and short sleeved shirts in their extra clothes boxes.  The weather changes pretty quickly lately.

If you ever have any questions about your child, please feel free to ask me.  I hope to see you at parent-teacher conferences this month.

Splashing into spring,

Ms. Beth

From The Dolphins

The Dolphin class had a busy and exciting month of April.  We learned about many different insects and watched our classroom caterpillars grow and turn into butterflies.  All of our parents and their children have done a wonderful job bringing in share items for the letters of the week.  It is hard to believe we are up to letters “Y” and “Z “already!

Our themes for the month are Nursery Rhymes and Transportation. The children are busy practicing their songs for the graduation ceremony.  They are so proud of themselves.  They have learned so much during their time here at the preschool.  We are also proud of them.  From May 29-31 please have your child at school by 9:30 a.m.  We will be practicing for the graduation ceremony in the chapel at this time.Graduation is Thursday, May 31 at 7p.m.  Please bring your child to school that evening at 6:55 p.m. Please have them in their cap and gown over their clothes. You bring them to the Dolphin room, have a seat, and wait for them in the chapel. We will make sure their hats are on straight and then we will line up for our walk down the chapel aisle.

We have enjoyed getting to know all of your children and we will miss them very much when they leave for kindergarten.  We have shared much laughter and tears with them and they are very close to our hearts.


Ms. Debbie & Ms. Kim

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